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Use drapes, smart organization to make doing laundry a breeze

A pleasing plaid drape is perfect for the laundry room.

A pleasing plaid drape is perfect for the laundry room.

Of all the regular household chores, laundry is often one of the most derided. While you need clean clothes and bedding for comfort and hygiene, the task of hauling your laundry up and down the cellar stairs, getting all of your items folded and then neatly placing them into their designated areas of the home can be an unnecessarily time-consuming hassle. However, this daunting operation can be made significantly easier if you designate a specific space in the home to cleaning and organizing your fabrics. Here are a few tips to creating a highly functional laundry room that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is utilitarian:

  • Bring your appliances upstairs – Many homeowners place washers and dryers in their basements, which keeps these less-than-beautiful appliances out of sight for guests, but adds to the labor involved in getting laundry done. Instead, place your washing machine in a hall closet upstairs to lessen the trek between the bedroom and your appliances.
  • Conceal with style – Whether you place your washer and dryer in a hall closet, the upstairs bathroom or even a dedicated laundry room, you'll want to take added steps to conceal these items. Hang window treatments such as silk drapes over stacked appliances so that they are covered from floor to ceiling, though still easily accessible.
  • Dividers bring harmony - Place dividers along the shelves that are spaced in a way that only neatly folded towels and linens can be stacked. This will encourage smart folding as a habit for all members of the household and help keep the space neat and organized.

A clean and beautiful laundry room isn't completely unattainable if you follow these key steps.