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Use drapery to highlight your fine art collection

Even if your tastes in art are on the decidedly contemporary side, tie them in with drapery.

Even if your tastes in art are on the decidedly contemporary side, tie them in with drapery.

Whether you're a bona fide art collector, a proud parent of a creative tot or are simply seeking to adorn your walls with something a little fancier, decorating with art is one joyous challenge of home design. Everything from placement and arrangement to the style and color palette you select will help to define the way you curate your personal collection.

When you're embarking on a decorating or renovation project and are looking to keep the focus on wall art,  have the hues of your pieces in mind. Either choose your colors first, and pick your works based on that pre selected palette, or decide to design a room around the theme of a piece you already love.  This will help to tie the room together more cohesively as well as make the space better able to hold dramatic works of art.

However, you may run into a challenge incorporating the color palette of a bold or bright modern artist in your home, especially if the style is a stretch on your comfort zone. While you might like to look at a painting, designing your entire room around it can seem overkill for some decorators. If this is the case with you, don't fret. An easy way to integrate statement art into the space without focusing the entire decor on it is to echo its style with your choice of drapery.

Choose a solid colored grommet drape in a hue from your favorite piece, and just as the artist will have taken your eye around the canvas using a color, you will have taken your guests eyes around your room using the same technique.

There's something to be said for the practice of using a carefully selected accent hue around a room in order to make the space feel more pulled together, and this works particularly well for highlighting artwork.