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Use androgynous fashion to inspire a unisex living room

Use the deliberate draping of Yves Saint Laurent as inspiration.

Use the deliberate draping of Yves Saint Laurent as inspiration.

When it comes to picking out the decor for your house, it is sometimes helpful to turn to the runways for inspiration. Whether  it is a trendy silhouette, color or a pattern that's taken the fashion world by storm, clothing can be a great starting point for those who are decorating in a specific style.

Couples who've recently moved in together might experience a point of contention when they are deciding how to outfit a common space like the living room. While women have traditionally been associated with such in-home tasks as decorating, men increasingly have their own opinions on the aesthetics of a space. The man in your life may feel inclined to voice these thoughts, especially if he is worried your style is too feminine.

It's important, therefore, to consider that dressing a home for both genders is different, for example, than a bachelorette pad. It may be helpful for women who are designing a shared space for the first time to take inspiration from a trend in clothing design that has been long running. For many years, clothing designers have been inspired by the genderless idea of androgyny.

Rather than tailored skirt suits, designers such as Yves Saint Laurent are known for making beautifully draped, but not overly girly clothes. You can take this same approach to designing your living room.

It is particularly effective to apply the androgyny trend to the window treatments you choose for your home. Rather than choosing elegant lace drapes, think of your male counterpart and select something more substantial. Pleated drapes have the deliberately styled simplicity that's required to make this style work in a home and will be perfect for the living room.

When you're decorating the first house you share with a loved one, it is important to compromise rather than going too feminine. But if you look to the runway for inspiration, you can find just what you're looking for.