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Trend forecasters predict that bathrooms will become more comfortable in 2013

Luxury elements like soaking tubs are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms.

Luxury elements like soaking tubs are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms.

As 2013 is just beginning, many homeowners are taking stock of their homes and the projects that they aim to complete by the year's end. Whether you're considering a kitchen update, a full-scale remodel or just a minor redecoration, chances are that you've got some home renovation on your yearly to-do list.

And, according to trend forecasters from MSN Real Estate, many people are looking to improve their bathroom during the coming year in order to make it not just a nicer room, but a more expansive and relaxing one as well.

The publication interviewed a number of designers and contractors in order to gain insight into what consumers are looking for in their bathrooms this year. And rather than keeping these spaces strictly business, more and more people are turning them into relaxation centers by adding large, airy showers and soaking tubs as well as other comfort-increasing elements.

Other experts suggested that homeowners were interested in trading their tiles for better quality ones in an upgrade. Whether you can afford these luxury updates or not, it's becoming clear that the bathroom is transitioning into a space that invites residents to spend time and hang out.

To achieve this look in your own home, you might want to switch out your practical and utilitarian window treatments in favor of a set of more luxurious drapes. Depending on your taste, you might want to go with silk drapes, or perhaps a set of nice valance curtains to add visual interest to the bathroom in your house.

Don't let limited funds stop you from having the comfortable – and trendy – bathroom that you've always desired. A simple update to your window treatments can help you make the space so much more inviting.