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Transforming a childhood bedroom into a sophisticated space

Add mature decor to your childhood bedroom.

Add mature decor to your childhood bedroom.

Did you recently move back home after college or are you a parent of a young adult who has retreated back to the nest? You're not alone. According to collegegrad.com, nearly 80 percent of college graduates move back in with their parents after graduation. Moving back home doesn't always have to be a drag.

On yesterday's blog we talked to parents about ways to redesign their empty nest. Today, we'll tell you what to do when the nest is full again. With a little interior deign advice and help from Half Price Drapes you can transform your old childhood room into a sophisticated space.

  • Spend wisely: Chances are you moved back home to save money. Well, with Half Price Drapes' array of stylish curtains and drapes, you can decorate any interior without breaking the bank. Browse the selection today to find the perfect style at the right price point.
  • Think about the new you: You're not a child anymore and your bedroom should reflect the adult version of yourself. Start by removing any unwanted items from your past. Hold a yard sale or donate the clothes and belongings you have outgrown in recent years. Once you rid yourself of clutter, then you can get to the fun part: redecorating.

  • Think about the future you: You're most likely not going to live with your parents forever. When decorating your space, consider the future. Do you plan on moving into an apartment in a year or two? Think about investing in items like sturdy furniture or new drapes that you can take with you during your next move.

Be sure to check out Half Price Drapes selection to update your childhood bedroom into a mature oasis.