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Torn between a formal living room and a media room? Get the best of both worlds

Your big screen doesn't have to be the focal point of your living room.

Your big screen doesn't have to be the focal point of your living room.

Many homeowners like the idea of a personal media room. These can be a great luxury as well as a place for your family to come together. You'll find that everyone will want to spend more time in the house with the draw of a giant screen and comfortable seating to make family movie night a truly spectacular event.

If your house only has one common living space, though, having your dream media room means to a lot of people that they would have to sacrifice the classic beauty of a formal living room. Modern technology such as what you might find in an entertainment center doesn't really belong in a fancy living room, since those sharp lines and big screens could distract from your chosen decor.
Luckily, you can conceal your high-tech accessories and still have a room that's as formal as you would like. 

If you simply must have that big screen TV but aren't sure how you feel about the way it would look on a wall, hide it. Pick out some luxe drapes, and hang them on the entire wall, with the screen behind the curtain. When done with beautiful silk drapes, this will look like a unique design choice.

You can pick furniture that's as formal as you'd like, but make sure that it is comfortable as well, so that the room is functional in both settings.

Finally, it's a good idea to pick out some velvet blackout drapes to hang behind your desired window treatments so that you can block out light for a cinematic effect. Even though you probably thought you had to choose between these different rooms, it is possible to make your formal living room into a secret media room as well.