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Three tricks for beautifying your backyard

Sheer curtains will help let sunlight in your room.

Sheer curtains will help let sunlight in your room.

Are you waiting for May flowers to bloom in your backyard? Most of the country is facing an unseasonably chilly spring, which will postpone the appearance of greenery and bright blooms. However, with a few tricks you can transform your backyard into an attractive oasis even if the daisies you planted are nowhere in sight. Take a look at some helpful tips from Real Simple:

  • Fake it: If you really miss the sight of flowers, simply head to your local florist, greenhouse or supermarket. Pick up some potted plants to fill in the gaps of your background. Daisies and geraniums are full and colorful making them the perfect pick for this project. This sure beats staring at yellow grass!
  • Make a chic water garden: Let a water basin collect those April showers, or fill the pail with water from your faucet. Then add a few floating candles or dainty glass baubles to the water. Or, opt for aquatic plants such as water lettuce or lily pads. Just don't go overboard to prevent your DIY creation from looking tacky.
  • Use plants to achieve privacy: "Gather potted plants from around the garden to create a living screen," writes a blogger for the source. "Experiment with tall varieties, such as ornamental grasses, and flowering plants, such as bacopa and begonia. You'll be rewarded with privacy, shelter from wind, and the beautiful aroma of blooms and foliage around you."

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