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Streamlined curtains and drapes can help to frame a beautiful view

Lovely curtains like these are perfect for a style like this.

Lovely curtains like these are perfect for a style like this.

If you subscribe to the minimalist style, you might have assumed that curtains and drapes are out of the question in your home. After all, the entire purpose of these accessories is that they add a little something extra to the look of your interior, but they might work against the kind of look that you'll see in a modern house. 

And while it's true that you'll want to avoid overly frilly patterned or even silk drapes, which will draw too much attention to themselves to fit in your carefully curated home, other styles, such as linen drapes, can be just the item that you need to make sure that your house looks minimalist and not just empty. 

For the best results, pick a low-sheen fabric in a neutral such as black, white or grey – though a muted hue such as slate blue or pale peach could work as well depending on the context. Since you're using these streamlined drapes as a frame for the setting, it's best to hang them on the outer edges of a wall, starting at the ceiling and going all the way to the floor. This technique works best on walls with many windows or those where it is centered on the wall. 

Don't worry, however, if  the window is small. This technique will help to make it appear more impressive, and as long as its done well, it won't seem strange that such an area is encompassed by the window treatments. 

Finally, in order to get the full effect, it's important that you don't place any artwork or furniture against the wall. The result will frame the view and make the entire wall appear as if it's a part of the glass.