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Simple lace curtains are a classy addition to an eclectic residence

The softness of lace is very bright.

The softness of lace is very bright.

It's hard to argue that there's anything homier than the mixture of bright colors and varying light that comes in an eclectic space. Homes that feature this mixed-and-matched style just feel so lived-in that most visitors want to stay forever.

But, attempting to recreate this style can be somewhat difficult. After all, you to want to avoid having a room seem overly detailed by dressing it with too many patterns. if you're worried about this, it can be helpful to use subtler detailing, rather than overt patterning, for a way to ease into the eclectic look without making a faux-pas.

For instance, it might be better to stick with a solid-colored couch, but then choose to brighten the furniture with an interesting throw or some unique pillows. These changeable items are a little easier to commit to, and you won't have as much trouble working with them because they're smaller.

The same is true of window treatments. A full-scale multi-colored pattern can be a lot for the eye to take in, and in a room that already features other decor, it will likely be too much. Instead, use a delicate lace or other translucent pattern on your drapes. This will help to ground it in a visual design, but you won't have to deal with multiple competing hues.

When it comes to choosing the curtains and drapes in the space that you're trying to work with, stick to as few colors as possible if you're hesitant about mixing hues. This will help you make sure that the entire space fits together, while the textures will still make your space eclectic and refined.