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Pair patterned curtains with a one-toned wall

too many patterns rarely look good when used in one room.

too many patterns rarely look good when used in one room.

Walls are the typical starting point for the design scheme of any given room. These surfaces present a bevy of conundrums, such as whether or not to go with wallpaper or a simple paint, or if you should employ a pattern or stick with one hue.

Wallpaper can be expensive, and if you make a mistake and choose a design that doesn't work as well as you thought it would, you may end up stuck with an unsatisfactory pattern just because you don't want to make the investment twice.

The best bet when you're not sure what might look best is to use paint and stick to one tone. There's no need to get too elaborate and try and incorporate striping or some other kind of pattern, since you can always rely on other decor to make a room's design more dynamic.

Curtains with more intricate designs or patterns stand out more when there isn't a busy wallpaper vying for attention. The room will look more crowded and chaotic with a detailed pattern covering all four walls. But if you stick to one color on these planes, you can get as creative as you want with your window treatments

A darker colored wall will benefit greatly from a lighter drape, especially one with a patterned design that can provide a pleasing contrast. A rich cobalt blue wall is the perfect background for a yellow and white Nairobi print cotton drape. You could even stick within different shades of similar tones, pairing a beige-and-white Stamford patterned curtain with a darker brown or rust colored wall.

No matter what color combo you choose, by letting your curtains do the heavy lifting in terms of your interior design, you give yourself more room to adapt.