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Pack smart and light when you move this September

Cotton drapes are easy to afford and can help make your new apartment feel like a home.

Cotton drapes are easy to afford and can help make your new apartment feel like a home.

Every September, individuals across the country who rent apartments or condos will pack up and move on, as many 12-month leases begin and end during this time of year. If you are bound to one of these agreements and will be transporting your belongings to start your next domestic adventure, you'll likely be contending with a myriad of hassles that needlessly hamper your moving efficiency. Here are a few tips that will make the journey easier while preserving your interior decor during the trip:

  • Keep big boxes light and moveable - "You'd be surprised how many people fill large boxes until they weigh 100 pounds and break. And that slows things down," U-Haul International Spokesman Dain Howell told the Denver Post in a story about moving. Keep the heavy things in smaller boxes so that they are more manageable. Overloading an already cumbersome large box will only make things harder.
  • Learn to let go – Certain interior design essentials, such as your window treatments, can easily and affordably be replaced once you get to your new apartment. Not only that, but choosing a new design for your apartment can be cathartic. Cotton drapes, for instance, in a trendy color or pattern can be purchased relatively affordably while helping to establish the aesthetic in a big way.
  • Prioritize and pack strategically – For the things you're going to need on day one in your new abode – towels, sheets, bedding, etc. – put them all in a clothes hamper or a suitcase for easy access. This way, you won't have to dig through boxes and make a big mess unpacking everything you don't need immediately while searching for the essentials.