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Organize the play space for the children in your house

Organizing a play space that's also a living space doesn't have to be hard.

Organizing a play space that's also a living space doesn't have to be hard.

If you have kids, you've probably come to terms with the fact that the house can get messy from time to time. Rather than sweat the small stuff and become stressed out by the presence of clutter in your house, it's a better idea to come up with a system for cleaning and organizing and stick to it. Whether you choose to put away toys daily, weekly or after every play session is up to you, but encouraging your children to have the same system can be a wonderful way to teach them the organization techniques that they will need later on in life. 

Of course, most new parents have also noticed that toys can make for unsightly decor. Especially if the main play area in your house is also the living space for everyone else, concealing play equipment can make it easier to feel like an adult all of the time. But custom organizational systems can cost thousands, and often they are the type of solution that your child would grow out of fairly quickly. 

Instead, you can buy some inexpensive shelving and cover it with the drapes of your choosing. That way, when the curtain is open, your kids know that it's play time, but they will have to put all of the items back on the shelves when they finish. 

Half Price Drapes has many beautiful drapery patterns that can be made to order to the size you need. This means that an elegant fabric can be custom cut to cover the toy shelves in your house, becoming a beautiful piece of decor and storage.