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Natural Roman shades are the perfect accent to finish your home

Don't worry about decorating slowly. It's a great way to develop a sense of your home before jumping head-first into a plan you can't handle.

Some people work tirelessly to come up with the perfect decor scheme for their house. These homeowners take their detail-oriented, perfectionist attitude into their house, and simply won’t settle for any furniture or accessories that they haven’t explicitly chosen. For this reason, choosey homeowners tend to be slow decorators. Unwilling to outfit any space with an item that they don’t love, they will wait until they come across the perfect finishing touch. 

This means that houses can go on missing essential parts of their decor, such as curtains and drapes, for years at a time. Sometimes it is tough to find the right window treatments to go with a specific space that’s been carefully curated. Unless you pick out your window treatments first, and decorate around them, you might not want to spoil the clean lines of your dwelling with drapes

But if you’re worried about complicating your design scheme, bare windows aren’t your only option. There are a number of classic styles that will look beautiful framing the windows in your finished space without spoiling the look or competing for all the attention. 

When it comes to decorating without causing a distraction, the Roman shade is your best bet. These unique shades come in a variety of natural textures that will block light and provide adequate privacy when you want them to, but spend the rest of the time tucked up and out of the way, allowing your decorating skills to take center stage. It’s best to choose a neutral that falls within your chosen color palette, so that they blend right in with the rest of the room. 

When it comes to finding the right furniture for your house, sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Once you’ve finished, you will love your home and everything you keep in it.