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Mirrored furniture will look bold and classic in your home

Mirrored furniture adds its sleek aesthetic to every room.

Mirrored furniture adds its sleek aesthetic to every room.

Mirrored furniture is without a doubt one of the biggest trends in home design today. Whether it's being used in a living room, bedroom or dining area, this unique style can really add a lot to the aesthetic of a room. Many homeowners are choosing mirrored accessories in addition to another furniture style in their homes.

One of the best things about this aesthetic is its versatility. While mirrored accessories have their own look and feel, they can also be used as an accent in a room that already makes use of a different style.

And since mirrors are reflective you can be sure that this type of furniture will fit in to rooms with even the most unique color scheme.

If you're thinking of using mirrored furniture in your house, you should consider carefully where you are going to place it, so that it looks nice but doesn't overpower the design scheme that you have implemented throughout the rest of the space.

Your placement of this kind of furniture is especially important. It's best to avoid putting a mirrored dresser or desk directly under a recessed light, since it will be reflected back.

When positioned across from a window, a mirrored surface can help to distribute the light very effectively, making the room look bigger, but it can also be somewhat blinding if the light coming in from outside is too bright. Therefore, it's best to mute the sun a little bit with a sheer drape.

When you use mirrored furniture correctly, it can add a dramatic element to any area of your house. And as long as you make use of the proper drapes, you won't have to worry about it causing a light problem.