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May home checklist

Light purple curtains are perfect for May!

Light purple curtains are perfect for May!

Although most of the country suffered through a frigid winter this year, we've finally made it to May, a month known for its comfortable weather and abundance of flowers! For many, this month is also quite busy as it's filled with graduations, weddings and other get-togethers. Be sure to get all of your chores out of the way in the beginning of the month so that you can enjoy the celebrations at the end. Take a look at some guidelines for a smooth-running and gorgeous home this May:

  • Hang your clothes to dry: "Celebrate spring with the fresh scent and texture of air-dried sheets and towels," writes Jeanne Huber of The Washington Post. "Free yourself from using the dryer, which is typically second only to a refrigerator as a home's most energy-guzzling appliance. If you have only a deck for outdoor space or if you live where condo or subdivision rules prohibit outdoor clotheslines, invest in a fold-away stand."
  • Lighten up your color palette: Say goodbye to gloomy days and April showers by lightening up your color scheme for May. Pastel colors are great for spring and can take your home right into summer. Whether you opt for lavender, mint green or pale pink curtains and drapes is up to you!
  • Spruce up your decor with fresh flowers: Bring May flowers into your home for a fresh look. Choose sweet-smelling blooms, like lilacs, to make your home smell as cheerful as a spring day. 

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