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Make sure to adjust your tieback positioning correctly

The position of your tiebacks depends on the drapes.

The position of your tiebacks depends on the drapes.

Once you've picked out the perfect curtains and drapes for your home, the task of decorating isn't done, as tying them in with the rest of your room and brightening the remaining space to match the newly redone window treatments is also necessary. 

If you have read our blog before, you are probably familiar with the idea of installing your window treatments above the top of the window itself and letting them hang all the way to the floor. This will give them more presence, anchoring your window treatments as the focal point and lending impact to even the smallest windows. 

But if you are trying to get this look right in your home, it's important that you pay equal attention to your tieback placement. Making sure that these accessories are in the optimal location will ensure that you are getting the most out of the window treatments that you worked hard to select. 

You might be under the impression that you should position your drapery hardware in the middle of the window, but in actuality, it is better to place it in the middle of the curtain itself. Don't be afraid to tie your sheer drapes back right at the window sill, which will give them a particularly dreamlike quality. While you might feel that achieving your personal style in your house can be somewhat difficult, if you continue to work at it, the process will get easier and easier. Positioning your tiebacks the right way is a simple step in getting your home to look great.