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Maintain focus and style in a glamorous home office

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Whether you operate a business out of your home or  or simply would like a place to spend time catching up on bills and other administrative tasks, a functional home office can be a major help. After all, you'll at least need a place to keep your computer, even if you just use it for online shopping. 

But on the occasion when you have to get real work done, it suddenly becomes much harder to focus in a home office. Many individuals like to keep their desk by the window, so that they can look outside for inspiration. While this is a good idea in theory, it can be quite difficult to pull your attention away, especially if you're attempting to focus on a less than interesting topic. 

Still, most of us wouldn't want to cover the outside view completely by using a window treatment like velvet blackout drapes, since this would also stop natural light from entering the room. 

A combination of curtains and shades might be just what you need to keep the outside world at bay while you're trying to work and attractively frame the window when you're using this room for other purposes. Casual cotton curtains are ideal for this setting, and can help to ensure that you can get down to work when you need to. 

Use tie backs to reveal the view most of the time, but simply unhook them when you need a break from the outside. The result will be a focus-friendly room where you can do work that isn't so oppressive as to kill all of your inspiration. Pick your curtains and drapes based on what will be inspiring, like a stripe or floral pattern, so that even if the treatments are closed, you'll have plenty to look at.