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Looking for something truly unique for your dining room? Try Thai silk drapes with velvet

These black and white curtains add an elegant element to the place.

These black and white curtains add an elegant element to the place.

A formal dining room is one of the most fun parts of the home for many people to decorate. After all, while you may try to tone down your highbrow tastes in other parts of the home, they all seem to belong perfectly in this setting. Once you've picked out a large table for eating important family meals, you can move on to the more fun parts of choosing decor, like picking out your wall color and how you will accent it with curtains and drapes

Whereas in the rest of the house, you might have felt that you need to show restraint, in the dining room, you can feel free to express your sensibilities as fully as you like. Silk drapes are a beautiful way to make your dining room seem very formal, as they add both rich texture and vibrant color to the space. Occasionally, homeowners feel that they would like to show off just a little bit more detail than a solid silk drape. Banded styles are a perfect method for this, since they include a punch of alternate color right near the bottom, finishing the look off completely. 

At Half Price Drapes, we have recently added a new style: banded Thai silk curtains with velvet. The trim at the bottom that makes these curtains so special is made of velvet, which creates an interesting change of texture for these accessories, making a very beautiful statement. 

When decorating your dining room, don't be afraid to go all out. There's no reason to hold your taste back in this special room, so choose premium curtains and drapes for extra impact.