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Linen drapes are a classic for the dining room

Try drapes like this in your dining room.

Try drapes like this in your dining room.

Decorating a formal dining room is at once fun and daunting. After all, for many people, this is the first time they are attempting to decorate a dining room, as many apartments don't feature a space like this. You will certainly have fun then making your taste work in a more formalized space that is set aside for much of the year, but you may also feel pressure to make the dining room coordinate with the other more casual parts of your home. 

For those who are decorating a dining room for the first time, the price of the furniture that is usually found in these spaces can be quite high, meaning that you may not have enough space in your budget for all of the pieces you require. For this reason, you might want to choose a simple aesthetic in order to save money. 

Still, you probably won't want to leave your windows bare or dress them with unattractive cheap drapes, as you won't end up with the formal appearance that you were hoping for. Instead, consider something with an understated elegance, like linen drapes

These come in a variety of colors and can really add something special to the appearance of your dining room. Because of their natural fibers, it won't look as if you're trying too hard to make the space grand, but rather that your dining room is an upscale space where the family can feel free to enjoy a meal together.