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Let your drapery breathe life into a drab rental kitchen

Brighten your kitchen with accessories and drapery.

Brighten your kitchen with accessories and drapery.

If you rent your house or apartment, your decorating options are somewhat limited. Though you're free to hang pictures on the walls and bring in whatever furniture you want, painting is typically out of the question.

For areas like the bedrooms or living room, this obstacle is easy to overcome. Bright furniture and interesting artwork can make the white walls of any room come alive, and your possessions can make the space more exciting.

The kitchen, however, is usually more challenging. Stock cabinets don't leave much room for visual interest, and tables don't provide much either. And while you might turn to design magazines or websites for inspiration, these don't tend to be very helpful, since they depict top-of-the-line custom kitchens, rather than the off-the-rack rental variety.

But by accessorizing the space, you can make your kitchen much more interesting. Think of buying brightly-colored accent items such as serving dishes or pots and pans. Not only will these help you to be a well-equipped chef, but they will serve as decor items the rest of the time.

Use drapery to pull the look together. Whether you choose linen drapes or even a bright-colored valance, something bold will help to make your kitchen look and feel more loved. You can finish it off by putting a few beloved items on display – whether you choose to place them on top of the counters or even on the table, showing off items that mean something to you will help to give the space character.

Even if you can't paint, it's possible to have a bright and beautiful kitchen like you've always wanted. Simply make use of the right curtains and drapes and you'll be well on your way.