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Let fashion designers help you choose the colors of your curtains

Window treatments can go a long way in helping you conserve energy during the warm summer nights.

What color scheme you choose for a window treatment depends on how committed you are to keeping up with design patterns season to season. If you are decorating a space such as a sunroom, you'll want to adapt the its decor to the different seasons, as the conditions outside dictate the look of the area indoors.

A good way to measure what is in vogue seasonally is to check the runways and see what the most fashionable designers have to say about the colors of summer, fall, winter or spring. Although some hues are universally accepted as standard seasonal shades, clothing designers take a creative approach to tonal norms to be on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends.

Another advantage to looking at trending runway fashions when orchestrating your window designs is that you can get an idea of what fabrics will look good with what colors, and in combinations that you may not have considered. For example, you may not have thought a creamy-mint hue on velvet would be a success during the summer time until you saw the new Ralph lauren collection.

A yellow sheer, like Alexander McQueen incorporated in much of his summer line, or a fiery orange silk, similar to new gowns shown at fashion week by Alberta Ferretti, are both two of the more popular options fashionista's and home decorators are embracing this season.

Obviously, some fashions won't translate well from the catwalk to the sunroom, but for the homemaker who is all about top of line trends in decor, designer clothing can at least inspire them to explore creative and original ideas.