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Let custom window treatments serve as the focal point of your child’s room

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Unlike the rest of the house, there are not many rules associated with decorating a child's room. While most interior designers and industry professionals urge for restraint in the decor that you employ throughout the house, they encourage creativity in a child's room. After all, this is where kids grow up, and surrounding them with interesting and beautiful items can help to encourage curiosity. 

If you're unsure how to decorate the bedroom of your little one, consider using bright colors that you wouldn't otherwise get away with. There's no reason for decorating the tiny tot in your house's bedroom and not having fun for yourself as well. Whether you choose to theme the area around their favorite character, toy or movie or instead want to go for something more generic, you can certainly feel free to make a statement in this room. 

Picking from primary colors is a great way to ensure that the space goes together. Rather than simply sticking to a palette of similar hues, as you would in an adult space, it's important to encourage the kid in your house to select a favorite color of their own, and if you've already incorporated most of them into the room, you won't have to worry about redecorating if they change their mind on their number one hue. 

But it's also important that you ground all of this chaos somehow. While in a grown-up's room you would try to tone down the craziness, in a child's space there is no reason to. Select a bold patterned curtain to take their room to the next level. Allowing your drapes to dominate the look of the space will provide the anchoring that this kind of room needs, and they'll be such a major part of the look that changing them will be akin to redecorating if your little one should demand a redesign later on.