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Is wallpaper making a comeback?

A solid color curtain will make the pattern in your wallpaper pop.

A solid color curtain will make the pattern in your wallpaper pop.

Many of the top design trends of your parent's generation are making a comeback in the home sector today. One of these styles is the prevalence of wallpaper, a home attribute that was once thought of as outdated.

"Over the last eight or nine years, I've slowly seen a wallpaper resurrection," Ivan Meade, principal designer at Victoria's Meade Design Group, told LeaderPost.com, a Canadian news publication.

Although wallpaper has its roots in the hippie era of the 1960s and 1970s, we can show you how to add a modern touch to this finish. Check out some of the helpful tips to incorporate wallpaper in your home.

  • Beware of pets: Although wallpaper can be quite stylish, if you have pets at home, especially cats, you may want to stay clear of certain materials. Cats love to scratch wallpaper made from grass. Instead, stick with more durable materials.
  • Hire a professional: Much like painting, putting up wallpaper in your home can be tricky. In order to minimize errors, it is best to hire a professional to accomplish this task. Additionally, asking for help will free up your day, giving you more time to focus on other home décor projects. 
  • Know your proportions: Like with any trend, less is usually more. Instead of plastering a whole room with colorful wallpaper, try mixing in neutral walls with light-colored paints and using wallpaper to create a pop of pattern in certain sectors of your home. Likewise, when using patterned wallpaper, try incorporating solid curtains and drapes from Half Price Drapes into your décor.