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Is “Living Between Buildings!” the next step in urban living?

Many of these designs would force homeowners to live vertically in somewhat cramped spaces.

Many of these designs would force homeowners to live vertically in somewhat cramped spaces.

Homeowners across the country have for years embraced the philosophy that bigger equals better when it comes to choosing a residence. However, recent trends have indicated that this mindset is changing rapidly, as buyers are increasingly putting more money down for properties that fall into the "micro" category.

A recent article in Fast Company Magazine profiled one such style of home that forces residences to not only contend with extremely cramped spaces but also remarkably unique layouts. Architects Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann are the brains behind the "Living Between Buildings!" campaign, which was the winning entry in a design contest sponsored by window manufacturer Fakro. The units, which come in a wide array of shapes and layouts, would be constructed in the narrow alleyways between buildings in major metropolitan hubs where space is hard to come by and new home construction isn't otherwise possible.

"The Jury appreciated the way the basic idea – creating small infill-dwellings in-between existing buildings – has been worked out in extended research, thus providing models for various housing types in different cities. The plan can be realized entirely out of roof windows (with some technical adjustments) and offers an innovative idea for using empty spaces in urban fabric. The possibility of shapes is endless," said the Jury in an official statement.

Because these units would feature complete window exposure, residents would need to invest in many window treatments to warrant them a little privacy. Velvet blackout drapes are the perfect solution for small spaces like these with a lot of exterior exposure.