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Incorporate an accent ceiling for extra impact

Imagine if these lovely linen drapes matched your ceiling.

Imagine if these lovely linen drapes matched your ceiling.

Homeowners who are attempting to differentiate the appearance of their home from others in the neighborhood need to think beyond furniture as the way to do it. No matter how unique the pieces that you add to your interior are, furniture can only go so far in making a place seem original. 

Choosing unique colors of paint, textiles and throw pillows can all have a wonderful impact on the inside of your home, but one of the most interesting ways to let your interior stand out is to choose an accent ceiling. Sometime during the last century, most of us in the United States began to accept the fact that a ceiling has to be white as an unspoken law of interior design. 

However, there is actually a long tradition in painting ceilings bright and bold colors or patterns so that they stand out and demonstrate the workmanship that went into a house. While you probably wouldn't want—or be able to afford—the kind of intricately detailed ceilings that you would see in the house of a noble person from Eastern Europe, simply picking a bold hue and putting it in this unexpected location will still elevate the style of your house. 

Whether you choose to go with something somewhat subdued, like a robin's egg blue, or you want to really make an impression with high-impact hot pink or a similar shade, continue the look by highlighting it with your drapes. This will allow you to subtly connect the look of the room without making it appear too monochromatic. 

Rather than picking something too ornate, go with a more simple fabric. Cotton or linen drapes will add elegance without sheen, letting your accent ceiling steal the show.