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In studio apartments, drapes can act as walls

Some kinds of apartments offer a lot of space, but at the expense of walls and privacy.

Some kinds of apartments offer a lot of space, but at the expense of walls and privacy.

For city dwellers, sometimes there just aren't enough walls in a studio apartment to really make it feel like anything more than a college dorm. With rents being so high in many parts of the country, a studio may be the best, or only, way to enjoy the benefits of urban living while not bankrupting yourself.

One way to ameliorate the absence of sufficient space separation in this kind of open format apartment is to use drapes in place of walls. You can use a curtain to distinguish a sleeping area from a common space and a kitchenette in your studio.Curtains can divide your apartment into dedicated parts, no construction required."

When you have guests over, you can hide your sleeping area behind a curtain and avoid feeling like you are inviting friends into your bedroom. This way, you can keep your bedroom area separated from the places where you would relax with company. And, if you'd like to make the room a little bigger when company leaves, all you need to do is draw back the drape.

If you're worried that the curtains will make your small apartment even smaller, you can alleviate those concerns by choosing specific styles of drapes that are known for playin tricks on the eye. By matching the walls, ceiling and window treatment in terms of color, the eyes won't immediately be able to detect where each plane ends. By stretching the curtain thin across the wall, decreasing the presence of folds and creases, the drape will appear less like a window treatment and more like an actual part of the wall.

Velvet blackout curtains are the best choice in this situation as they will allow the most privacy and are a heavy design sturdy enough for everyday use.