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How to use flowers to complement your drapery

These drapes are as bright as a bouquet of flowers!

These drapes are as bright as a bouquet of flowers!

Now that spring is almost in bloom, it's the perfect time to bring flowers to your home. We've talked about orchids a lot on this blog, but this isn't the only arrangement that can brighten up your kitchen or living room. The great thing about flowers is that you can arrange these bouquets on your own and don't necessarily have to go to florist.

"The key is to get in touch with your creative side, think about the effect you are looking to create and where you want to display your flowers. Arrangements for the mantle or table centerpiece will be very different from arrangements for the bathroom or a sunny windowsill. The most important thing to remember about flower arranging is to jump in and have fun," writes Jen Wallace of fashion and lifestyle website EcoSalon.

Instead of spending a ton of money on a chic display, take a look at these DIY flower arranging tips. We can guarantee that these flowers will look great next to your windowsill!

  • Creative vases: When it comes to flowers, presentation is everything. Using an old vase can take away from the aesthetic of your arrangement. If you don't have a traditional vase lying around your home, you can always opt for creativity. Today, homeowners are using everything from trendy mason jars to vintage Coca Cola bottles. Tie a matching ribbon around these items for a fresh new look.
  • Match your home decor: What better way to create design cohesion than to match your flower arrangement to other design elements, such as your curtains and drapes? This will look especially chic when sitting your flower display on the windowsill.

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