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How to pick a purple palette

Purple drapes are right on trend.

Purple drapes are right on trend.

By now you know the Radiant Orchid, a vibrant shade of purple, has been named the top hue for 2014. However, you may still be wondering how to use this trendy color in your home. Take a look at some of our ideas on how to pick a purple palette – now try saying that three times fast!

  • Accent wall: Accent walls are right on trend this year and can give your space a pop of pizzazz. "Wrapping a room in a dense Radiant Orchid wallpaper pattern will make a bold color statement and might work best in a sparsely decorated room," Gina Shaw, vice president of product development at York Wallcoverings, tells HGTV. "Alternately, a single feature wall designed with the same dense pattern will add a dramatic pop of color and can work in a room with other colors that complement the hue." 
  • Fresh flowers: Now that it's finally spring, it's the perfect time to decorate with fresh flowers. The great thing about orchid plants is that in addition to being attractive, they are generally low-maintenance and can last for a few weeks. Look for ones that are already in bloom and planted in a purple pot for some added flair.
  • Window fashions: If you don't want to paint an entire wall purple, you can always opt for curtains or drapes in the wonderful hue. These fixtures will help your design scheme come together without going overboard. Add purple throw pillows to your couch and then match them to your window fashions for a cohesive look.

You don't have to break the bank to stay on trend. Be sure to browse our website for stylish and affordable purple window coverings!