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How to get your home in shape for February

Get your home in the Valentine's Day spirit this February.

Get your home in the Valentine's Day spirit this February.

It's time to show your home some TLC during the month of February. Even though the groundhog predicted that we still have six more months of winter, we can still relish in the fact that the days are getting longer! Take a look at some helpful pointers to get your home in tip-top shape for February:

  • Bedroom makeover: "If you are in the market for new bedding, consider shades of pink and red to encourage romance," writes houzz.com contributor Laura Gaskill. "Rotating your mattress regularly will help prevent it from developing hills and valleys, which in feng shui can be seen as separating partners in the bed. While you're moving mattresses around, have a peek underneath the bed — what's hiding down there?" Sweep under your bed, ensuring you get rid of any unpleasant dust mites that may be causing allergies.
  • Clean floors: In addition to bothersome dust mites, the floors of your hallway are likely filled with road salt and other debris dragged in by winter boots. Get ahead on your spring cleaning by giving your floors a good scrub.
  • Creative kitchen: This month is all about sweet treats. If you want to show off your culinary flair for your Valentine, be sure that your kitchen is well-stocked and organized. Invest in a stylish apron to ensure that your clothes don't become ruined in the baking process. Also, equip your kitchen with quality ingredients, mixers and cupcake tins.

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