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How to decorate your home if you have kids

You can still have a clean, stylish home even if you have little ones.

You can still have a clean, stylish home even if you have little ones.

Just because you're a parent doesn't mean that you have to have a messy, unstylish home. Recently, top interior designers shared their innovative, kid-friendly decorating ideas with Elle Décor. Take a look at some of their suggestions below:

  • Choose fabrics you can clean: If you're a mom (or dad) you know that kids are likely to make a mess – from spilling spaghetti and meatballs to finger painting. For this reason, it's best to choose fabrics that you can easily clean. For instance, use vinyl or pleather upholstered chairs that can easily be wiped down after each meal. As for the living room, you can always protect your couch with a stylish slip cover. Simply place this item in the washing machine if it becomes dirty.
  • Have plenty of storage: "The key to a happy life with small children is having a plan for emergency cleanup: lots of concealed storage," suggests interior designer Celerie Kemble. "I've got beautiful boxes throughout my apartment, so I can almost run my arm across a table, dump everything into the box, stash it, and replace it all with fresh flowers. Done!"
  • Use bright colors: Feel free to have fun with your interior design scheme! Bright colors, especially when used in a child's room, show off a youthful vibe. Tailor the decorating to your kid's one-of-a-kind interests. For instance, try using unique curtain rods in the shape of baseball bats or hockey sticks for your little all-star.

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