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How to decorate the woman cave

Create a stylish woman cave with these helpful tips.

Create a stylish woman cave with these helpful tips.

You've likely heard of the term "man cave," as it refers to a room devoted to video games and cold beer, however there's a new space in town: The woman cave. Why should females be robbed of their personal space? If you need help sprucing up your area – whether it be a reading nook or a luxurious spa bath – take a look at some of our helpful design tips:

  • Light: The woman cave doesn't have to be a "cave" at all. Most of us ladies prefer natural sunlight instead of a dark, dingy basement. Curtains and drapes can allow you to let sunlight in at your liking. Plus, these window fashions are also stylish! 
  • Plenty of storage: A cluttered space can cause stress. It's important that a woman cave boasts enough storage, ranging from a closet to hold your clothes and shoes to a bookshelf to keep your favorite novels. Another great idea is to purchase stylish storage boxes, which are both chic and practical!
  • Tranquil environment: "Women do care about the aura that comes off in their woman or mom cave," writes Jacob Hurwith of ImproveNet. "In order to include this necessary item, all woman caves need to include scented candles. In addition, other recommended items that will undoubtedly bring soothing tensions to your woman cave include: a wine cellar, fireplace, exercise equipment, silk linens, rich textures and bright colors for the walls."

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