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How to decorate like an interior designer

Bright curtains and liven up your room.

Bright curtains and liven up your room.

Even if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body, you can still decorate like an expert. Next time your home needs to be refreshed, be sure to follow these helpful and inexpensive tips:

  • Add some color: A splash of color can go a long way. Pick out colorful curtains and drapes to create a welcoming space within your house. 
  • Decorate in three's: Expert interior designers commonly decorate in three's. Accents typically look best when they're grouped into odd numbers. However, completely identical objects can look boring so be sure to vary the size or color of grouped trinkets, ranging from vases to picture frames or antique statues. 
  • Plants can be used to create the illusion of height: "Branches and tall blooms are elegant ways to create dimension in small spaces or enhance a high ceiling," writes Houzz contributor Christine Tusher. "Set your cuttings in a clear vase and allow them to spread wide to fill the space." This is especially applicable to spring time, when bright blooms can add some life to your space.
  • Use throw pillows as a quick fix: If your room is feeling a bit blah, look no further than an array of throw pillows. Pillows are relatively inexpensive and can be switched up depending on your season or mood. Be sure to pick various shapes, sizes, textures and patterns to add visual diversity to your area.

For more home decorating tips, be sure to follow our blog or browse Half Price Drapes' array of stylish and affordable window coverings. You don't have to be an expert interior designer to decorate like one!