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How to create a peaceful apartment in the city

Blackout curtains help create privacy.

Blackout curtains help create privacy.

Living in the city can be an adventure! From the shopping to the exciting nightlife, urban dwellings are fun and lively. However, if you're a city slicker, you know that the constant hustle and bustle can also be quite tiring.

Although sometimes you'll just want to flee the concrete jungle and head to a deserted island, you know you'll eventually miss the liveliness of your city. Instead of moving to a rural area, take a look at some of these design tips to bring tranquility to your apartment:

  • Block out sound: "Take a cue from nice hotels, which do a fabulous job of soundproofing, and add fabric-covered acoustic tiles to the walls or ceiling, and choose double- or triple-pane windows to block street noise," writes Houzz.com contributor Laura Gaskill. "Layers of textiles, like thick, fluffy rugs on the floors and heavy drapes, can also help buffer sound."
  • Open up a space: City rents are skyrocketing, which is why most urban dwellers need to downsize their apartment. If your living space is smaller than you wish, don't fret. Filling your living room with a large mirror can trick your eye to believing it's more spacious than it actually is.
  • Privacy: It's difficult to find privacy when your bedroom window peers into your neighbor's living room. To achieve the peace you need, invest in quality curtains and drapes, which will not only block out street light, but will also separate you from your nosy neighbors.

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