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How to create a fabulous foyer

Sheer drapes allow sunlight to flourish in your foyer.

Sheer drapes allow sunlight to flourish in your foyer.

The foyer, or entryway to your home, may be the most crucial room in your house since it's the first area guests see. With constant footsteps, pets and unwanted debris being dragged in through your front door, the entryway isn't always so easy to keep neat and tidy. However, some important decorating tips will help you create an inviting entrance.

  • Add colors: "Bold color in small doses can be fun and shocking in an entry," notes Houzz.com contributing writer Charmean Neithar. Attract your guests' eyes with bright colors. Try incorporating colorful artwork or throw rugs into the design scheme. 
  • Be traditional: Traditional entryway items, like a bench, shoe rack and umbrella holder not only help your foyer become polished, but they are also very practical. Limit the dirt inside of your home by asking guests to kindly remove their shoes and coats before entering. 
  • Get floral: Flowers help to create an inviting ambiance, although fresh cut varieties don't have a lengthy shelf life. Furthermore, imitation flowers often look fake and waxy. To solve these problems, opt for a potted plant like an orchid. Orchids can last several months if watered properly, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the entryway of your home.
  • Light the way: Nobody wants to walk into a dark and dingy home. If your entryway boasts windows, decorate them with Half Price Drapes' sheer curtains to help let light in. You're also going to want to include brighter lamps in your entryway for nighttime. For a more traditional effect, consider tea light candles.