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How to choose the right drapes

The right drapes can help cover up flaws in your home.

The right drapes can help cover up flaws in your home.

Although shopping for curtains and drapes may seem daunting, we at Half Price Drapes aim to make the process easier. Through our online store you can browse a myriad of window coverings at your convenience. Do you need new drapery for a certain room in your house? Take a look at some helpful guidelines below.

  • Design: Tailor your window fashions to the specific ambiance of the room. In dining rooms and living rooms you can exude a fancier vibe with silk or velvet drapery. Feel free to incorporate elaborate and decorative designs. You can also add unique curtain rods for an extra touch of class.
  • Focal point: "Are your windows a natural dramatic architectural feature of your room? If so, you have a built-in focal point, and should plan your treatments accordingly," reports Pamela Boyd of the Morgan Hill Times. Before selecting drapes it is important to know if these window coverings will be the focal point of your room or simply be used to complement the rest of the interior design. If you want your windows front-row-center be sure to select a more dramatic motif, such as pleating and rich, vibrant colors.
  • Solutions: If you're looking to cover up flaws in your windows, drapes and curtains are the way to go. For instance, if your windows are too small, fashionable coverings can make them appear grander. Furthermore, curtains and drapes can help balance a room's aesthetic and create harmony.

No matter what type of window fashions you are interested in purchasing, make Half Price Drapes your shopping destination.