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Help! My kitchen is too utilitarian!

Sheer drapes can warm up your cold kitchen in no time.

Sheer drapes can warm up your cold kitchen in no time.

Decorating your kitchen can be a challenging task. While it's likely that you have a specific style in mind, it is extra important to emphasize function for this space, since cooking must be accomplished here. However, when devoid of any stylistic interest, your kitchen can be uncomfortable, and could discourage members of your family from spending time in this place.

It is common that homeowners play it a little too safe when first decorating their kitchen, and then struggle to add warmth to the area afterward. If this is a problem that you're encountering, fear not: modern window treatments can come to your rescue.

While you may have skipped them the first time around because you thought they would interfere with the functionality of the space, drapes are actually an excellent way to make a kitchen feel more comfortable, and if you make use of the right tiebacks, they will stay out of the way while you prepare food.

Rather than choosing something heavy or dark, which could add a somber tone to your room, keep things lighthearted with a striped sheer. Drapes such as these are some of the most interesting in a kitchen because they will introduce a number of new colors into the space, and the stripes will add a whimsical element.

If you're having trouble with your kitchen because it feels like a world devoid of style, don't worry. Making use of the proper sheer drapes and curtains within your kitchen can help you make the space feel much more inhabitable. Even a single change such as this will attract people, and soon enough, your kitchen will be a well-loved center of your house.