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Grommet top headers make traditional drapes more modern

In rooms with more modern, geometric designs, some drapes can add to the grandeur.

In a modern space where the design aesthetic involves clean lines and simple features, it makes sense to not get too fancy or ornate with your window treatments. Many interior designers may think modern design is limited to pull down shades or a geometric-patterned valances when choosing window treatments. However, there are many options when it comes to incorporating curtains into your modern design scheme if you take a less traditional approach to classic window treatments.

It may seem that in a modern setting, floor length cloth drapes would be too lush for a room with a more simplistic style. Traditional drapes bunch up near the top and cascade down, which may make too big of a statement in a cleaner, more sparse setting. There is, however, an increasingly popular drape that produces cleaner lines when drawn and avoids the cascading effect by not using traditional curtain hangers.

Grommet top headers are a feature on curtains that makes it so the tops of the drape are weaved through the curtain rod as opposed to hanging on hooks or rings. This creates a cleaner look, as the fabric hangs like an even series of waves as opposed to a flowing waterfall. By weaving the curtains through the rod, there is no bunching at any point in the drape as it folds in on itself when drawn.

This folding effect makes simple geometric patterns more dynamic when the curtain is opened or drawn, as it constricts and contracts the designs. Grommet headers help a modern design scheme achieve a more interesting look without betraying its simplistic nature. By taking a traditional option and thinking outside of the box with it, you can up-the-ante on the look of any room.