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Grommet drapes are a great space-saving solution for a narrow room

Narrow windows can he hard to dress.

Narrow windows can he hard to dress.

Interior design blogs love to recommend that homeowners hang their drapes high and wide around their window so as to increase the impact of the window treatment on the room. But anyone who lives in a narrow space knows how impractical this suggestion can sometimes be.

Whether you're trying to crowd multiple items of furniture onto one wall, or are working with a window that's in a corner, hanging your curtains and drapes outside of your window frame is not always an option.

But, if you pick the right drapery, you can make your room look much sleeker and more impressive. While you may not be able to hang your drapes outside of your window frame, there is likely room above it. If you install your drapes about eight inches above the top of your window, and have them extend all the way to the floor, any room will instantly have a more finished look about it, as you've just emphasized the height of your ceilings.

This is the drapery equivalent of adding columns to a space, as it will help to make the room seem more imposing to passers by. If you like the idea of drawing the eye upward, but aren't so crazy about a very formal style, simply choose a more casual drape. Grommet drapes are excellent for narrow spaces, since they open and close with ease. The metal rings will help to make your window treatments a little bit less dressy as well.

If your space is too narrow for imposing windows, emphasize its height with long drapes. This simple solution can solve your space problem, and will have your home looking beautiful before you know it.