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Go antiquing like a pro

Match your antique finds to your window fashions.

Match your antique finds to your window fashions.

Do you want to search antique shops for one-of-a-kind finds, but don't know exactly where to start? Houzz.com recently spelled out some important steps to adhere to when purchasing your furniture from an antique shop. Consider some of the helpful questions below.

  • Do you really need this?: Sometimes people go shopping just to browse and come back with a lot of items they simply don't need. While certain rooms call for quaint, antique furniture, don't just purchase something for the sake of shopping. Know that what you're buying is going to make a positive addition to your home design scheme and is also practical.
  • Has the piece been refinished?: "If you don't see signs of wear, that may indicate that the piece is not really old, or that it's been refinished. While the latter isn't necessarily bad (if it's been done well), refinishing will usually lower the item's value," states Houzz.com staff writer Fred Albert. "Check inside and underneath for telltale dribbles of stain, suggesting a sloppy refinishing job."
  • How will you get the piece back home?: Many people don't think through the process of transporting furniture back home if they find something they like. Chances are, if you find a quality piece of furniture, it is going to be pretty heavy. Take a friend shopping with you so you have an extra set of hands and be sure that your furniture piece can fit in a car or truck without risking damage.

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