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Give your house a unifying spring update

Get your house ready for springtime by unifying your drapery.

Get your house ready for springtime by unifying your drapery.

After a long winter spent inside, the fact that we’re nearing the sunnier and warmer days of spring has many homeowners itching for a change. While preparing for the traditional “spring cleaning” that many of us engage in, we often feel that the separate rooms of our house lack a certain continuity. 

Even if you have worked hard to decorate the individual rooms of your house, you can change the window treatments in order to make them feel both more seasonally appropriate and unified throughout the areas of your home. This can be done in a few different ways, depending on the specific qualities of your house. 

The first option is to choose window treatments with a neutral pattern or color scheme. These hues are called neutrals because they go with almost every wall color, and are therefore a great choice if you are looking to create a flow between disparate rooms in a house. 

But, if you prefer to make more of a statement, or feel that the decor of the individual rooms of your house is simply too widespread, you have the option of choosing drapes in the same fabric and style for every room, but letting the color of those drapes differ in each space. This works best with solid colors, since it is unlikely that a pattern will be available in a range of colors and look good in a variety of decor schemes. 

Once you’ve chosen the curtains and drapes that you will use, you can install them throughout the house as a way to celebrate the arrival of spring. This infusion of newness will make you enjoy your home even more, and the fact that your house goes together better will be a point of pride for you.