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Get the canopy look without buying a new bed

Make your normal bed a canopy bed by incorporating window treatments.

Make your normal bed a canopy bed by incorporating window treatments.

For an undisturbed good night's sleep, a canopy bed that employs drapes can help block out light and other disturbances.Though this kind of bed generally harkens back to a decadent bygone era where the rich could seal themselves away at night, even modern design schemes can accommodate this luxiorious style.

If your current bed doesn't have the four posts from which to hang drapes, you don't need to go shopping for a new frame to get the canopy look. Instead, by hanging drapes from the ceiling around your bed you can give off the illusion that you sleep on a fancy piece of furniture, even if you have the simplest of frames.

Place your bed against the wall in the center of your room. Since this style of bed makes a big statement, make it the focal point of your design scheme. Install three rods from your ceiling, one above the foot and two on either side of your bed.

For a breezier look, use white sheer drapes. This way, in the morning when the sun shines in, you'll be enveloped in a gentle glow, as if you were sleeping on a cloud.

If you're strictly trying to sleep better at nightuse heavy velvet blackout drapes. These will block the sun and allow you to get the much needed rest you deserve, even helping you sleep in on your days off.

To add some extra detail, use a valance around the perimeter of the faux-canopy. This will further the look of a structural component to the curtains, and make the dressing seem more sophisticated.

Using the proper window treatments in designing a canopy bed makes the room feel more important than simply just the place you lay your head.