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Get inspired by creative individuals

Follow the "golden ratio'" of decorating with luxurious silk drapes.

Follow the "golden ratio'" of decorating with luxurious silk drapes.

Craving some design inspiration? Just look into the homes of extremely creative individuals. With her new coffee table book, titled "The Inspired Home: Interiors of Deep Beauty," Karen Lehrman Bloch examines the trendy pads of 25 highly creative people.

A former political journalist, Bloch didn't originally plan on pursuing a career within the design industry. However, after relocating from Washington, D.C., to Manhattan, she became inspired by the city. 

"I began looking at all this new scientific research coming out that was showing why we are attracted to certain things in terms of art and design, what universal principles in architecture and interior design help us feel good," Bloch told the New York Post.

In her latest work, she goes into the homes of artists, stylists, and designers, including fashion mogul Donna Karan and stylist Lori Goldstein. Goldstein's loft in New York's Chelsea features modern colors mixed with antique accessories, including a statue of Buddha. Bloch describes Goldstein's apartment as "whimsical."

"There's no reason you can't be whimsical but still have soul," Bloch said. While she favors a lighthearted approach to designing, Bloch urges against over-decorating. She uses the principle of the "golden ratio" and says that proportion is key when using  color, size, and style. Ultimately, she tells homeowners that comfort comes first. She urges them to ask themselves if they feel good in the space.

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