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Get festive with last-minute Super Bowl décor ideas

Brown decor matches the leather of the football.

Brown decor matches the leather of the football.

The Super Bowl is only two days away, so it's time to start thinking about how you're going to decorate your home. If you haven't gotten around to plan the festivities already, we've got you covered with some last-minute décor ideas.

  • Color combinations: If you're rooting for the Bronco's, decorating with navy and orange is a no-brainer. Or, if you're a Seahawks fan, swap the orange for a blue-green color combo. However, if you simply don't know what team to cheer on, stick with a color palette that mimics a football field: green for the grass and brown for the pigskin. 
  • Furniture covers: Super Bowl parties have a tendency to get a bit rowdy. If you're afraid that your guests may accidentally spill their ranch dressing or beer on your couch, furniture covers are a simple solution. Slip-covers that are designed especially for your sofa or love seat are not only practical, but also quite stylish. Better yet, when the party is over, you can simply throw them in the wash!
  • Wall décor: "As far as décor goes, a quick and easy way to transform your space is by decorating the walls with removable football wall decals that can be found online or at a local party supplies store," writes Brandi Fowler of Eonline.com. "These are safe for your walls and won't damage the paint, and will add a festive element to the party."

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