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Formal drapes are best for stained glass windows

It is possible to use stained glass and window treatments together.

It is possible to use stained glass and window treatments together.

Reminiscent of a bygone era, stained glass windows can lend a formal, church-like feeling to any space in which they are used. Many homeowners love to employ them because natural light takes on a particularly nice quality when filtered through interesting panes of colored glass. Still, if you live in a house that has stained glass windows, it can be hard to find window treatments that work with them. 

After all, these interesting windows don’t directly call for curtains and drapes, since they provide their own level of privacy, relieving homeowners of the need to use window treatments to protect the inside of their house from the outside world. 

Still, especially if you’re decorating a stately sitting or dining room, you may feel that your windows are naked without drapes and be eager to dress them a little better. 

When adding window treatments to stained glass, stick to classic shapes and solid colors. Because your window is already formal, you will want to match that tone in the quality of your drapes. Pick one of the colors in the glass, and choose that for the hue of your fabric, working with the window rather than attempting to downplay its impact on a space. 

You will likely want to use tiebacks to hold your drapes out of the way of the light. Once you have installed your window treatments, you will notice that they add a certain stately feeling to the space and that your stained glass looks even more traditional. There’s no need to feel that a stained glass window can’t have curtains - as long as you choose the right ones, this can really enhance the look and style of your windows.