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Drew Barrymore gives interior design advice

Try switching up your curtains with a burgundy shade for fall.

Try switching up your curtains with a burgundy shade for fall.

Drew Barrymore has had a lot of accomplishments in her life. The former child star, who transitioned into an award-winning actress and producer, can now add interior design expert to her resume. Barrymore chatted with DomaineHome.com about her design inspirations and past faux pas. Previously, the starlet made the mistake of being too hasty during the interior decorating process. She told the website that she purchased do-it-yourself furniture, which ended up being a mistake. In her case, the cost-efficient furniture didn't quite make her space come together.

Nowadays, Barrymore has learned to be patient when decorating her pad. She makes little tweaks to her furniture and interior along the way in order to switch up her routine. For instance, she is a big fan of the art of feng shui.

"My favorite thing to do on earth is to have a furniture rearranging party," Barrymore told the website. A task like moving furniture doesn't always have to be a drag. The starlet suggests inviting friends over and making the chore a social event.

Another way Barrymore changes her home look is by incorporating new colors into the rooms of her house. She recommends experimenting with various hues throughout your home by switching up paint colors frequently. She states that since color samples and palettes don't always do a shade justice, sometimes you just have to go for the paint brush.  

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