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Don’t let the size of your window limit the size of your window treatments

Don't let your small windows limit the amount of style you put in your house.

Are you struggling to decorate a basement space with only small windows near the top of walls? Do you live in an old house but wish you could have the grand windows that newer homes enjoy? It is possible to solve these problems with your window treatments.

Traditionally, homeowners have three options as to the size of the length of the curtains that they're hanging. The classic rule of thumb is that window treatments should either just brush the sill or the floor, or they may be even longer, breaking slightly at the floor.

Using these rules, you can make even the most unassuming of windows into a real statement by allowing your drapes to touch the floor. Not only that, but you can install your curtain rod above and outside of the window in order to give it an even wider sense of grandeur as well. If space allows, try hanging your rod six inches above the top of your window, and having it stretch out six inches on either side.

With these handy measurements in mind, you can transform just about any room into a truly upscale space. Rather than sticking with something simple given the fact that your basement is probably not the nicest part of your house, hang lovely silk drapes in your basement in order to make this part of the home flow better with the rest of your house.

If your windows don't make the statement that you wish they would, don't fret. You can make that statement with some good-quality window treatments instead. Simply install your drapes the right way, and your home can be as fine as you wish it was with this simple step.