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Decorate your shared space

When decorating a shared space, stick to neutral shades.

When decorating a shared space, stick to neutral shades.

First comes love, then comes cohabitation. Did you recently move in with your new spouse or significant other? Are you having trouble merging both of your tastes and personalities? Don't worry, some simple interior design tips can help you decorate your shared space with ease.

  • Neutral colors: Now that you're no longer single, you have to compromise on a lot of debates, one of them being color. Decorating your bedroom in all pink was fine when you were living on your own, but something tells us your husband or boyfriend is a not a huge fan of the hue. When creating a gender neutral space, stick with subdued shades like beige, off-white or gray. Using these light colors doesn't mean that you have to abandon your personality, however. Use statement pieces, antique finds or memorable photos to bring your room to life.
  • Surprise makeovers: "You should either attempt this [makeover] very early in your relationship, where it can almost signify that you care about building a life together and making space for someone new in your life; or at a stage where you've lived together for many years and are extremely familiar with your partner's tastes," expert interior designer Ann Hayward told 7daysindubai.com. If you're significant other likes surprises, what better way to show your love than decorating a room with your merged tastes?

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