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Create a makeup station in your home for less

Use light and airy curtains to let sunlight into your bedroom.

Use light and airy curtains to let sunlight into your bedroom.

Although stylish makeup stations seem like an added luxury, they can be incorporated into your own home at a reasonable cost. Taking time to pamper yourself and apply your makeup in the morning can get you ready for the busy day ahead. Look at some of these tips to help you create a luxurious looking vanity station for less:

  • Allow light to flourish: Lighting is perhaps the most crucial component to consider when designating an area in your room to become a makeup station. Natural light trumps artificial light since it gives you a more accurate view of how your makeup looks outside. Therefore, you should situate your vanity near a window. If you're looking for affordable curtains or drapes to correspond to your design scheme, look no further than Half Price Drapes.
  • Be neat and tidy: If you're like most women, your makeup bag is probably a mess. Not only does this lack of organization look unkempt, it can also add time to your daily morning routine. Instead of searching for your lip gloss in the morning, use shelving and drawers to organize all of your cosmetics.
  • Buy one-of-a-kind trinkets: Your makeup station should exude your personality. If you're super "girly" opt for feminine touches like a gold tray to hold your perfume. If you consider your tastes to be more modern, select solid color containers to hold your makeup brushes.
  • Stop by a yard sale: Sometimes stylish furniture can be found right in your own neighborhood. An old desk can easily be turned into a sleek vanity station if you simply add a mirror. You can also try browsing thrift shops for these trendy finds.