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Cover holes left by old appliances easily with curtains and drapes

You don't have to completely redo your kitchen to make it more functional.

You don't have to completely redo your kitchen to make it more functional.

Sometimes, it’s easy to see that the layout of your kitchen isn’t going to work. Whether it’s lacking counter space, or simply just impractical, cooking in a kitchen like this can be a real challenge. For this reason, many people will change the arrangement of the appliances in this part of the house, perhaps making use of a previously empty wall or springing for an updated line of machinery. 

Many homeowners don’t have the time or money that a full-scale remodel of this essential part of the home requires, so instead they will do it in a few steps. This could leave large holes in the cabinetry in your kitchen where your old appliances once were. But you don’t have to live with these unsightly gaps for long periods of time, and instead can put them to work. 

It is easy to purchase inexpensive shelving, which can be placed across the open span and used to hold excess pots and pans or other essential kitchen tools. But, these useful items are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, and keeping them out in the open can expose them to dust and food debris from the rest of the room.

Therefore, you may want to cover the space, but purchasing a custom cabinet door is an expensive, and often temporary solution to the problem. Instead, it’s quite easy to cover this void with a simple curtain. It’s better to pick a durable fabric for this job, since you’re bound to interact with it more than you would a traditional window treatment, but any set of drapes, or even the right kitchen valance, will be able to nicely conceal the empty space. 

If you do this right, and use an attractive fabric, you might like the look so much that you decide to keep it long-term.