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Cover all walls with drapes for an ultramodern wall​ covering

Don't just cover the window, put drapes on all of the walls of a room.

Don't just cover the window, put drapes on all of the walls of a room.

Real home design experts know that window treatments can be used on so much more than just windows. Whether you find a use for drapes in a single space, or instead make them a part of your entire home’s decor, these accessories can become a major part of the design scheme of a space. 

Those looking to infuse a modern luxury into the room they’re decorating might have some good luck covering an entire wall with drapes. Doing this softens the look of the interior, but is so striking in itself that it will continue to feel modern and interesting. This style works best in rooms with large-scale windows, and will help to solve the problem of how to cover windows without interrupting the look of the walls. 

Hang sheer drapes or another light material from the ceiling to the floor, and have it cover each wall with a window. If you like this style, cover all of the walls with drapes. This gives even large rooms an instantly cozier feeling, and you’ll notice that a room with this effect will be warmer in temperature as well, since the excessive amount of window treatments will hold out drafts. 

This combination of window and wall treatments will mean that you don’t have to put art or other items on the walls, since they will be covered with an interesting textile effect. And because you’re using sheers, you won’t have to worry about blocking the natural light from coming in from the outside. Similarly, if you would like to, you have the option of painting the walls in the room, and letting the pigment show through the curtains, creating an interesting effect on the way the room looks. 

If you’re looking to do something daring with drapes, try using them as a wall covering. When these are placed over all of the walls of a certain room, they serve to give it a kind of softened dimension, yet still feel edgy and different simply because of what they are.